Founder's greeting

Welcome, dear colleage!

I am very grateful to you that you spent your precious time on us and now we can meet in person.

My name is Ermolaeva Maria, I am the founder and the main person responsible for the result.

Every day we win the most difficult lawsuits, protect honest debtors in bankruptcy, help creditors recover their money from bankrupt debtors, and valiantly protect businesses around the world from daily legal surprises.
We have a lot of partners from different countries, so we are transnational, speak all languages and can solve the problem in almost any corner of the world.

I can proudly declare that in 87% of the concluded contracts we achieve the result. In other cases, we are liable to our customers. We value our reputation and always keep our word.

I will be glad to see you among our clients and help your business cope with the legal mess.

Beat regards,

Briefly about us:

We ourselves are a business, so we know exactly what you need: the result achieved without a headache
– Among us are graduates of top universities, including those with a focus on private international law (Moscow State Law Academy named after O.E. Kutafin)
– We work with European companies around the world and perfectly know English
– We cooperate with the best companies, such as: Nike, Alrosa, Nestle, LC Waikiki, etc.
– As of May 2020, customers from Russia, Turkey, Ukraine, Georgia and Slovakia are working with us
We are public and our expert opinion is in demand in the media (Twice on RenTV and Moscow 24)


Maria's performance

E-Law Consulting in numbers:

- 78 regular customers
- 7 foreign customers
- customers from 5 countries
- 10 legal partners in Europe, China and the CIS

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    Our company is engaged in legal assistance and advice to both businesses registered in the Russian Federation and in foreign jurisdictions.

    We will be happy to help your business grow within the law in any corner of the world!

    E-Law Consulting

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