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Bankruptcy and liquidation

Subscription legal support

We specialize in providing legal services for businesses in matters of representation in the courts, bankruptcy, and ongoing business support in Russia and around the world.

E-Law Consulting is professionally engaged in such areas as:
– Drawing up contracts for foreign trade activities
– Support for the activities of Russian companies in Russian law
– Supporting the activities of companies conducting activities with foreign counterparties and non-resident companies
– Judicial representation in the Russian Federation
– Settlement of disputes in international commercial arbitration
– Bankruptcy of companies registered in the Russian Federation
– Bankruptcy of companies with assets in the Russian Federation, but registered in foreign jurisdictions

Litigation and international arbitration

We know that the result is important to you in the form of money or property received, or vice versa so that the other side stops making claims, and we not only take up the “turnkey” question, but also give a guarantee of the result.

We have experience in all courts of the Russian Federation, including the Supreme Court.
We work with European companies and know exactly how to conduct business in international commercial arbitration and in arbitration.
We work closely with foreign partners in cases where relations are regulated by foreign law or when a dispute is subject to resolution abroad on the basis of foreign law.

Our lawyers-partners are located in London, Bishkek, Tbilisi, Latvia and China, which allows us to resolve issues related to any law and any jurisdiction.

We have experience in protecting the interests of our clients in the International Arbitration Court at the International Chamber of Commerce, the London International Arbitration Court, and the Arbitration at the Moscow Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

We specialize in court assistance in corporate, commercial and financial matters.
We know how to help in various situations, from collection recovery and rental issues to disputes over the termination of the construction contract of the energy center with a forensic examination of 3 million euros.

Among our successes:
Salvation from contesting contracts for 4.5 million rubles.
Recovery of 3.2 million rubles under software subscription service agreements
Horeca rescue due to rental disputes
Collected 11 million rubles by construction contract
Helped not to escape to the debtor in bankruptcy in a simplified way with a debt of 300 million rubles
Challenging a bailiff’s decision of 3 million euros

Bankruptcy and liquidation

We work for the result.To save your property and close everything without debts and without responsibility, or vice versa, do not let the malicious debtor hide — this is the goal we will come to and for which you pay.

Since our company has a large number of partners in all jurisdictions, this allows us to help us clients who find themselves in a difficult situation from any corner of the world, but having relations with the Russian Federation.
We also help creditors whose debtors undergo bankruptcy in the Russian Federation or abroad.

It is very important to properly prepare for the bankruptcy procedure, if it is planned to protect the property, and it is also important to ensure your interests as a creditor for the return of your property.

We have a whole company of bankruptcy managers with whom we work directly, which helps us to conduct the procedure as competently as possible from any side who has contacted us.

The sphere of special interests of the founder of our company is cross-border bankruptcy, in particular, the search for foreign assets and the imposition of subsidiary liability, which also affects the special skills of our team members.

Among the most notable of our bankruptcy cases are 10 bankruptcy processes in which we actively defended the interests of Alros in bankruptcy of counterparties in the amount of over 300 million rubles.

E-Law Consulting also provides services for structuring transactions to change the owners of a company under foreign law and liquidation of companies in the absence of debt.

Subscription legal services

As part of this service, E-Law Consulting provides ongoing support for the activities of both Russian companies operating in the Russian Federation or abroad, as well as foreign companies operating in Russia.

You can get the result of the work of highly specialized lawyers on any issues, and not rely on the fact that one person can know everything.

You can save on social contributions to the state per employee
And we don’t get sick, we don’t go on paid leave, we’re always in touch
And we are responsible for the result of work

Our clients are a variety of businesses: IT development, marketing agencies, hookahs, horeca, construction of cottages, installation of independent energy centers, sale of businesses, accounting services, sale of shared real estate and beauty studios.

You can see the contacts of our customers in the reviews section, and if you are interested in communication with clients from other areas to receive information about our work, please write to us and we will provide customer contacts who will be happy to talk about our cooperation.

We also provide one-time services, such as drafting and analysis of contracts, pre-trial litigation, give written opinions on complex issues or assessing the prospects of litigation, provide expert risk assessment in situations of disagreement with clients and help with many other current issues.

We are flexible in the pricing of our services and always provide only those services and in the amount that the client selects for the needs of the business.

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    Our company is engaged in legal assistance and advice to both businesses registered in the Russian Federation and in foreign jurisdictions.

    We will be happy to help your business grow within the law in any corner of the world!

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