E-Law Consulting specialists have experience in all courts of the Russian Federation, including the Supreme Court.

We work with European companies and know exactly how to conduct business in international commercial arbitration and in arbitration.

We work closely with foreign partners in cases where relations are regulated by foreign law or when a dispute is subject to resolution abroad on the basis of foreign law.


We specialize in the bankruptcy of legal entities both registered in the Russian Federation and companies with assets in the Russian Federation, but registered in foreign jurisdictions.

We work both on the part of debtors saving their assets, and on the part of the creditor and do not allow unscrupulous debtors to write off debts.

We also help liquidate companies without debts and structure the deal to sell the company to foreign buyers.

Subscription legal support

A full-time lawyer is always expensive to maintain, especially because of the high social benefits. The best way to legally secure business and not spend money on social payments is to have a team of outsourced lawyers who will solve all the problems on your issue without receiving a salary for drinking tea.

We accompany the activities of companies such as: food production, a hookah network with a kitchen, elevator production, construction companies, IT development, marketing agencies, a network of nail studios, travel agencies.


About us

For more than 4 years, E-Law Consulting has been helping companies from various business fields around the world conduct their business legally competently, assert their rights in courts and in bankruptcy.

We are committed to long-term cooperation, so for us the main thing is the result of our work with you.

Currently we work with clients from Russia, Georgia, Slovakia, Turkey and Ukraine.

And our lawyers are located all over the world, so if you are working with another country, you can be sure that we can help you anywhere in the world.


Our cases

Recovery of 10 millions

Defended 3 millions EURO collection

Won 300 000 in 2 instances

Won 1.5 million 2 instances and ship expenses

Won 11 millions on construction contract

Proved that the requirements corporate nature

Defended reality of contracts for 5 millions

Bankruptcy Aroused debtor in liquidation

Received 1.2 millions from Tupolev JSC

This is just a small part of our work, additional information can be provided upon request.

Client’s reviews

Review from Pavel Vivdenko on subscription cooperation

Review from Tenor CCA LLC on judicial support

Review from Andrey Degtyarev about international work


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    Our company is engaged in legal assistance and advice to both businesses registered in the Russian Federation and in foreign jurisdictions.

    We will be happy to help your business grow within the law in any corner of the world!

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